Virtually provocative play on “The Nether”

The Nether2
The cast and director of The Nether

How far can we go as far as our moralities are concerned?

One Thursday evening, I went to The Hideaway. A Victorian manor with gargoyles and with wide-range of architectural designs. It looks so classical but the place is full of eerily identical young girls. Their giggles are so lively and they are happy to serve their guests. The guests are invited to taste not only the fresh air but something else. After the guests fulfilled their phantasmagorical desires, they can choose whether to dismember and kill their playmates with an axe.

I will not tell you anything more about my experience last Thursday but you can still catch the play which will last until April 9.

Penned by Jennifer Haley, The Nether is an 80-minute play that will transport you to the not-so-distant future. A place where our senses and desires can be activated virtually–not thinking if it’s morally good or bad.

Directed by Ana Abad Santos, the production features first-rate actors like Bernardo Bernardo, Bodjie Pascua, Jenny Jamora and Tj Trinidad, with a stellar performance from Junyka Santarin and her alternate Alba Berenguer-Testa.

Virtual plus Real Love

Since emotions can also be access virtually, there is this certain feeling that is all-encompassing. It is genderless, timeless and can be felt aside from the real world. SIMS/Papa (Bernardo Bernardo) created a special haven for his desires. But still, the big question lies on morality vs. criminality. Bernardo made a stunning performance. The moustache, the age, and the stance–a perfect description of an aged, sophisticated man.

Kuya Bodjie minus the Batibot world

When we say Kuya Bodjie, the popular children’s show in the 80s jumps into my mind–Batibot. But unlike in Batibot, it’s a different playful world in The Nether. The play is too brave to focus on the timely issues on paedophilia. Good thing that the sensitivity of the plot does not tarnish the innocence of the young girl who played Iris in the show. Bodjie Pascua’s role as a science teacher, Doyle, is terrific and Junyka Santarin who played Iris is spot-on.

Avatar multiplies as well as feelings

Jenny Jamora’s detective role as Morris is beautifully executed. The interrogation is too powerful. The interrogation scene for both characters (Sims and Morris/Morris and Doyle) will leave the audience with shocking and thought-provoking revelations.

As the story progresses, interesting spins arise. Tj Trinidad’s role as Woodnut, a consenting adult who went to The Hideaway, projects a punch feeling of discomfort and believably in love with the young girl.

A world divided

Whether we choose to live in the real or virtual world, still we need to act according to what is morally good. The play teaches how we can self-regulate our behavior and understand the consequences both in the virtual and real world. The Nether is reverently daring and intelligently sexy.

Catch The Nether from March 10 to April 9 at The Power Mac Center Spotlight Theater
Circuit, Makati (Level 2, Circuit Lane, A.P. Reyes Avenue, Makati City). Tickets are available at




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