Fall in love again with Sa Wakas the musical

I’ve seen Sa Wakas in 2013 in PETA Theater and I was devastatingly mesmerised with it. Watching its re-run last Sunday made me fall in love once again.

Sa Wakas the musical is a Pinoy rock musical from the songs of Sugarfree. Yes, you read it write. Sugarfree songs that make us dig deeper from our emotions. The “hugot” songs that connect deeply to our lives and experiences such as Mariposa, Hari ng Sablay, and Kwarto. 

Co-written by Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan and Mariane Abuan, Sa Wakas is a bittersweet contemporary love story. What makes the show unique is its unconventional perspective, adopting an inverse chronology wherein the narrative begins at the end of the crushing breakup and works its agonizing way backwards to the relationship’s starry-eyed beginning. Sa Wakas, which is also the title of the Sugarfree’s first album raises the timeless question: “Why do relationships fail?”

The cast of Sa Wakas 2013. Kyla Rivera, Vic Robinson and Caisa Borromeo


A view from where I sit
Kwentuhan lang, wala namang masama…

The cast of Sa Wakas are Pepe Herrera and Vic Robinson who will alternately play the lead role Topper; Caissa Borromeo and Carra Baredo will alternately play Topper’s girlfriend Lexi; Maronne Cruz and Justine Peña will alternately play the third-wheel Gabi.

The cast of Sa Wakas 2017 – Maronne Cruz as Gabbi; Vic Robinson as Topper; and Caisa Borromeo as Lexi with yours truly.

Sa Wakas runs from Jan 12 to Feb 5 at the Power Mac Spotlight Theater in Circuit Makati. Tickets are from PHP700 to PHP1500. For more information, visit the Sa Wakas website and Facebook page. 




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