New series ‘Lethal Weapon’ joins returning series: ‘Blindspot’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and ‘Gotham’ – all airing same day as the US


A fully-loaded Warner TV presents four same-day-as-the-US series this September, with Lethal Weapon leading the charge.

Premiering on Thursday, September 22 at 8:10pm, the series, which is based on the hit movie franchise, tells the story of classic cop-duo Riggs and Murtaugh, as they work a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. Grief-stricken after the loss of his young wife and unborn child, ex-Navy SEAL-turned-detective Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford – Rectify) moves to California to start over at the LAPD.

Believed to be a loose cannon with a death wish, he is paired up with Roger Murtaugh (Emmy® nominee Damon Wayans – My Wife and KidsIn Living Color), a cautious cop who’s just returned to the  force after a near-fatal heart attack. And almost immediately does Riggs’ penchant for diving headfirst into the line of fire clash with Murtaugh’s prudent, by-the-book personality.

Fans of the movie franchise can look forward to the dynamic pairing of Crawford as Martin Riggs and Wayans as Roger Murtaugh as they develop a refreshing take on such iconic roles. But right before the series premiere, take the time to reminisce and watch the first Lethal Weapon movie at 6:15pm, also on Warner TV.


Blindspot will also make a highly anticipated comeback this September. Premiering on Thursday, September 15 at 9:50pm, season 2 follows the thrilling finale which saw agent Kurt Weller arrest Jane (Jamie Alexander). The all-new season will draw both characters further into the underworld where the stakes are high and an ever-widening web of corruption is revealed, which could possibly bring them closer to the truth behind Jane’s real identity.

Completing the program lineup this month are brand new seasons of fan favorite Gotham and the ever-hilarious The Big Bang Theory.

In Gotham’s new season, premiering Tuesday, September 20 at 9:00pm, the stakes are higher than ever as more ambitious and depraved Super-Villains are introduced and a realignment of alliances shake up the fight for power in Gotham City. Season 3 reveals the stories behind The Mad Hatter, the Tweed Brothers as well as the Court of Owls.

Meanwhile, the Big Bang Theory’s season 10 is guaranteed to bring more laughs and an explanation to last season’s cliffhanger finale. Will Leonard’s and Sheldon’s parents get together? Find out in the season premiere on Tuesday, September 20 at 11:05pm.


  • Lethal Weapon (S1) – Thursday, Sep 22 at 8:10pm
  • Blindspot (S2) – Thursday, Sep 15 at 9:50pm
  • Gotham (S3) – Tuesday, Sep 20 at 9pm
  • The Big Bang Theory (S10) – Tuesday, Sep 20 at 11:05pm

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